Logoi gating and audio input

I have a couple quick questions about the Logoi, which I just built from a kit.

  1. When inputting a slow clock pulse (from an Erebus synth or Maths) into the left input, and I turn the divider knob up (everything else is down), the left output seems to gate when it triggers instead of just triggering. Is this normal behavior?

  2. Is it possible to input an audio pulse to the clock inputs, to sync it with a DAW, for example?

Hopefully these questions make sense.

  1. Yes that’s to be expected, the left side is a divisor. If you set the toggle to Count (down position) then the right side will output a trigger every Nth clock. The pulse width, or trigger duration, will be the same as that of the input.
  2. Yes as long as the voltage swing is enough to trigger the clock. I think a kick at full tilt will usually do it straight out of an audio interface or even headphone output. Then Logoi will track up to 30kHz which should be plenty for most use :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize the left side gated for the duration of the clock, but looking at the manual it does say “toggles”, so that makes sense now.

Thanks for clarifying and answering my questions!

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