MIX 02 Volume Levels

I have two MIX 02 modules configured as an 8 channel mixer. I have some concerns over volume levels. I primarily use a pair of Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones (with no additional volume adjustment) using the built-in headphone jack. I cannot raise the volume much more than the 9 o’clock position on the dial because the volume level becomes too loud. This is the case regardless of which modules I am working with and this same situation exists with both MIX 02 modules. Is this normal? Is there any adjustment on the MIX 02’s for this? Or, do I need to look into different headphones? Thank you.


I have an old pair of HD 45’s myself (similar impedance), but maybe they are less sensitive, or my levels not as high.

It is certainly possible to mod the modules to reduce the headphone output gain. Looking at the schematic, R39 and R40 could be lowered increase the attenuation. By putting another 1k resistor in parallell, the resistance, and gain, would halve, and this could be relatively easily done by soldering 1k 0603 on top of the existing ones.

If you’re not keen on that idea, then I guess an inline headphone volume control would do it, something like this:

Thank you for the response. I took a look at the back of the MIX 02, saw all the surface mount components, and slowly put it back in my case. I’m not sure I can do the modification you suggest above. I’ll try the inline volume control option to see if that helps. Thanks again.