Pre-built Windows binaries, documentation?


I got the first Owl Pedal back in 2015 played with it a bit and haven’t used it since. I’d like to resurect it but I have no idea whats on it or how to even use it.

Do you still need to download any software or is it all browser based now? If the former, are there any prebuilt windows binaries? For now I just want to put some simple patches on it from the online library and that’s it.

Resurrecting OWLs is what we do here! The old firmware used on OWL pedal has not been supported for a few years and a new one was used for all new devices. Main advantages over the old FW that it has:

  • supports overwriting any patch slot
  • device is usable as an USB audio interface

Recently old OWL devices became fully supported on it and you can upgrade FW by following instructions in release notes, but it’s better to use a more recent release as some minor issues got fixes later.

Don’t forget that OWL1 had just 1Mb SDRAM while OWL2/3 have 8Mb. So some newer patches requiring a lot of memory would fail with a memory-related error. You won’t run into this issue too often.

For documentation see

Hi thanks for the answer.

I’ve finally found time to try this. I’m trying to get Zadig to put the winusb driver thing so that it gets listed in the usb devices in the browser.

Right now the problem is the pedal doesn’t show up in Zadig when I list all devices.
I’ve tried plugging the pedal normally (green led on) or plugging it in bootloader mode (pressing the center button for 3 seconds while plugging, led blinks red 3 times and goes dark).
In both cases no devices are listed.

Any ideas?

Have you seen this thread which seems to explained pretty well how someone got it working on Windows?

There are 2 ways to force DFU mode on OWL1, which one should be used depends if it’s just old or ancient revision of PCB :wink: