Stoicheia issue and troubleshooting


I recently purchased the REBEL TECHNOLOGY – STOICHEIA – FULL DIY KIT from and put it together. After powering it up and connecting a clock source and having the switches in the up positions and the potentiometers in the cednter, non of the LEDs lit up.

Toubleshooting so far:

  • Power is connected the right way.
  • Microcontroller is inserted the right way.
  • when nothing plugged in voltage on the output is a constant 5.6v as well as when a clock is plugged on the input.
  • When no clock signal on the input, the LEDs measure 0v. When clock is plugged on the input they measure 0.2v

I would like to know if you have any suggestions about what I can try to do to find out what’s not working and any possible solutions.

I appreciate any support that you can give me with this.

Thank you,


Hello Jordi!

Maybe you’ve somehow got a microcontroller that is faulty or not correctly programmed. I’ll email you to find a solution.


Actually, one thing you could try first: you say the switches are in the UP position. All of them?

The middle switch has these positions: Reset / Normal / Combined
In Reset mode (the UP postition!) the module would behave the way you describe.

Did you try it already with the middle toggle switch in the middle position?

Hi, I’ve got a similar problem, except my unit was not DIY and it was working until recently. I didn’t use it for a while, moved my case around and now I’m not getting any lights or triggers at all. Would appreciate an email to do some troubleshooting.

Hello @Beardslap, I’ll PM you now