Stoicheia Strange Behaviour

Hi together, I have searched this forum and the web, somehow I have not found anything like I am experiencing. If I missed if, please point me in the right direction.

I just recently bought a second hand Stoicheia, really looking forward to it :slight_smile:. I am quite sure but not 100% that it is a shop built module.

Now at first sight it works. LED are blinking to the signals, it reacts to the knobs and switches, etc. But what I am not at all managing is to grasp the knob scales with the output behaviour. Like, all buttons up, trigger mode etc. I understand it should give me E(4,8) but it returns something like a E(1,9 or10) or so. The values go up down by turning but not at all to scale, and not evenly as far as I can tell.

Where would I start looking for the problem. Any ideas? Software,or hardware?

Thanks for any help!

OK, now I had a look and wanted to double check my +5V power supply, just to make sure. So I have a rev. 07 Stoicheia which does not take 5V from the PSU (Doepfer PSU3), it only has the small connector which goes from -12V to +12V. I see that rev. 08 has the same from a scan in another thread. So it makes its 5V internally, but I have no schematics and haven’t found them online yet. I could measure 5,1V at JP1, so I guess it’s ok and my issue is not the voltage supply…
What am I missing? The specs on the web actually call for “+5V required” but these are for the current (rev 09) version, not probably not relevant for rev. 07.
Thanks for any help! Ron