Triggering Logoi from Maths?

I’m trying to use Maths as an envelope follower, patching the EOR (sends a gate at the peak of the attack stage) to Logoi. Logoi seems to be receiving super fast triggers.
I’m curious if anyone has tried creating a clock with Logoi from an unclocked source like this. Is there a better approach?

If the EOR output from Maths is not holding steady then you might have to use a slew limiter or low pass filter to smooth it out.

how about Maths?

Trouble is that when creating an envelope follower EOR (end of Rise logic out) happens every time the incoming signal reaches a peak. (maybe, without knowing what signal you’re following it’s not possible to be sure).

I’m not a Maths guy but I think you need to take the output of the Channel you’re using as an envelope follower and run it into a comparator. Apparently Maths can be a comparator (google says) so you just need to figure out how it can be an env follower and a comparator at the same time.

Interesting problem :slight_smile: