Trying to get Midi out of the owl modular


I’m using PD and I want to get midi OUT the owl.
using a similar approach to MyPatches/MidiInterfacePatch.hpp at master · marsus/MyPatches · GitHub I know it is possible, but I cannot find any documention on how to write a C++ patch, and I’m not a good C++ coder either. So I prefer the PD path.

But in the PD path [noteout] and [ctlout] stil don’t work… Or so I think?
Am I wrong?

I wrote a test to make sure that all the inputs are trigger, using simple drum synths adapted from OWLdrumsV1

They all trigger

I really want to get Midi out… Prepared to write it in Faust, gen or C++ but I would need a small explication on how…

basically noteout and ctlout should work in PD that would be the most futureproof for me…

side question, what is the difference between the heavy and the PD compiler? They both sometimes work, sometimes fail, for different reasons I believe…

I’m sure I wrote a reply to this already, don’t know what happened to it… sorry!
Oh, here it is: Cv, gate and button access wizard in PD - #9 by kaosbeat

Following up shortly, will do some tests on latest firmware first.