Use Owl pedal as CV/Gate Arpeggiator

Just got an Arp Odyssey and wonder, if i could turn an OWL pedal into a CV / Gate arpeggiator.
Anyone attempted such a thing?

EDIT: There is some info here, but i am wondering, what the maximum voltage would be, that an audio output can generate.

bad news:
the OWL Pedal has AC coupled audio ins and outs and can’t do CV out.

good news:
it’s really easy to modify it to make the outputs DC coupled.

AC coupled means there’s a series capacitor, which blocks slow-moving and steady CV signals. By shorting the two capacitor pins with solder or a tiny wire you get DC coupling. The max output voltage range on the pedal is still limited to something less than 5Vpp (not sure how much less but I can check for you if you like).

The OWL Modular already has DC coupled outputs, and a voltage range of 10Vpp, if that’s an option for you.

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Ai. Thanx for the info. Which two capacitor pins are the ones to bridge?

C404 and C405. I can take a photo tomorrow of where they are on the bottom of the board.

To DC couple the outputs, bridge the pins marked red:

It should be possible to do this without taking the analogue board out of the case, though it’s a bit tricky to remove the digital board because the micro-usb connector is trapped by the enclosure. To release it, use a small screwdriver or blade to lever the enclosure gently away from the digital board while pulling it up, taking care not to damage the usb connector or the header pins.

This is very good advice, thank you very much.
Let’s discuss the downsides of this. I suppose, the main downside would be, that there could be DC appearing in audio signals, no?

Yes, there would be a fixed DC offset of 1.65V (corresponding to a sample value of 0.0). You would definitely hear this as a loud thud when plugging in and out of an amp or PA.

Another downside is the limited output voltage range, I think it’s 2.5Vpp. Is that enough for your purposes?

Wheps. I think that won’t work. Now i wonder if that audible DC offset already vanishes, when there’s whatever AC coupled device in the chain right after? Linke anotehr guitar pedal or a mixer line in?