Wizard not working after device reset command

Hi, after issuing a “RESET DEVICE” command from https://www.rebeltech.org/patch-library/device
my Wizard’s led started blinking white (0.5hz) and the device is not recognized by the webapp anymore. Power cycling the device doesn’t help.

It still can boot in bootloader mode, so I’ve re-uploaded the firmware (v20.2) a few times just in case, but the Wizard still doesn’t work. While in bootloader mode, the device web page correctly displays the status “CONNECTED TO: OWL MIDI Boot v20 MESSAGE: Firmware upload complete”.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance,

Hi Fabio,

I think what has probably happened is that you’ve stored a ‘rouge’ patch to slot number one, which is causing the device to reset every time it starts up and tries to load that patch. The initial device reset you did just set off the process.

A few other users have been experiencing similar problems and I’m just now testing a solution, which will come in the form of a firmware update.

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New release: OpenWare v20.4 : Releases · pingdynasty/OpenWare · GitHub

Enter bootloader mode and send the Sysex file to the device, then power cycle. Let us know how it works and if it fixes your problems!

Dear all,

Bit of long shot! But I inherited Fabio’s unit, and managed to get it out of brickworld.

Here’s what I did: I updated the firmware to the latest version, which lead to no visible effect. The Wizard seemed to still be bricked, with the red LED and all. For some reason, despite the error message displayed on RebelTech’s website regarding the Wizard’s state, I was able to load another patch from the library using Chrome, and it was working. When I power cycled the Wizard, I got the infamous red LED again; I then loaded the same patch and stored it in slot 1.

Now, I can turn the Wizard off and of again, and the patch from slot 1 is loaded by default. I stored another patch in slot 2, and I can confirm that all is well now.

I hope this could help other users!


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