Own patches on Wizard disappears

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Uploading own patches to Wizard seem to remain in the memory only temporarily. When the bank / preset slot is changed or device booted, the pre-loaded patches are back. I found a comment in relation to OWL pedal (link below) suggesting the OwlControl should be used for permanent save. Is this the case with Wizard also and if so, can the OwlControl be used with Wizard as well? Or is there another method for storing patches? How many patches can Wizard store?



If you use the website LOAD button to run a patch then yes, it will only be temporarily stored. This is useful for testing out patches.

We’ve recently added a STORE button which will save the patch to FLASH memory.

Note that if you want to save a patch to slot 1, it will become the default patch when the device starts up, so make sure the patch works first!

How many you can save depends on how big they are, but a minimum of 10 will fit. If you run out of space, use the new Device Page to erase the storage.

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Great! Missed the “store” there. All good now, thanks a lot!